Radio Swing Worldwide UPDATE 3

by | 03-29-2010


The automation system is installed, the initial library has been digitized and cataloged, the initial base jingle cuts have been received, station liners and promos have been recorded and our artist is working on the station graphics and logos.  What’s left includes editing about 35 promos and yearsings, finalizing the format clock and TESTING!  We hope to soft launch by 4/3 (coincidently the date the iPod becomes available) but we may sneak on the air a day or too earlier.  Stay tuned…this is gonna be fun!  ”From high atop the Hotel Avondale in downtown Houston overlooking the uptown section of . . . . . .

Radio Swing Worldwide UPDATE 2

by | 03-17-2010


I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the depth of our initial playlist…we’re starting off with about 1,500 tracks from as many ranked recordings of the period 1930-1946 as we have been able to acquire.  Of course, all the big bands like Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Sammy Kaye, Bob Crosby, Les Brown, Charlie Barnet, Horace Heidt, Cab Calloway plus groups like the Andrews and Boswell Sisters not to mention soloists like Louis Armstrong (we have his complete catalog, by the way) Bing Crosby, Fats Waller, Mildred Bailey, Doris Day and Billie Holiday, are . . . . . .

Radio Swing Worldwide UPDATE

by | 03-05-2010


Well, we have been busy acquiring and digitzing CDs and records of the music of the era and we’re up to about 1,200 selections with several hundred key identified songs to be added.  We have most of the top 20 songs for the years 1936-1946 with a few holes but I feel we have a good starting library.  It is worth noting that the songs were considered more important than the artists for this period and most big bands readily covered the hits of each other, often charting with their own versions as well. We are also working on the . . . . . .

Radio Swing Worldwide Debuts in M...

by | 02-04-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide “Your Parade of Hits from the 30s and 40s!” launches next month!  Radio Swing Worldwide will feature Big Band and Swing music from the mid-30s through the end of WWII.  Check back here and stay tuned to our sister stations ROOTSofROCK.US, Radio Bop or Radio Bop 60s for details. Please email any comments or suggestions to Harold Levine, Program Director,