UPDATE: Radio Swing Worldwide ha...

by | 09-10-2010


WOW!  Radio Swing Worldwide had 434,360 tune-ins in August and broke 35,000 TLH (Total Listening Hours) for the month.  We will soon add live broadcasting capability which will allow us to do request shows and allow us to communicate the history and stories behind the artists and music we play.  We’re still in the process of making minor tweaks to the formatics so keep listening as we constantly keep improving.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome…email Harold Levine, Program Director: hl@radiobop.com …

Bulletin! Radio Swing Worldwide ...

by | 08-03-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide’s listenership exceeded 30,000 TLH (Total Listening Hours) for July!  This means one person listened for 30,000 hours, two persons listened for 15,000 hours, …, or, perhaps,  30,000 persons listened for one hour each!  Chances are the correct answer lies somewhere in between!  Whatever, thanks to all of you, our loyal listeners, for your continued support!

Radio Swing Worldwide Had 167,592...

by | 08-01-2010


The numbers are out–Radio Swing Worldwide had 167,592 ShoutCast tune-ins in July and was ranked 2,063 out of 13,101 ShoutCast stations with 1,000 or more total listening hours in July. Remember, we’ve only been broadcasting for 4 months! Based on your input, we have made a few tweaks in the formatics by softening the sound a bit; also, we have been continuously adding charted hits of the era as we find them. As usual, your comments and suggestions are always welcome…email Harold Levine, Program Director, at hl@radiobop.com …


by | 07-04-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide has made it to 25,000 TLH (Total Listening Hours)  over the last 30-day period!  We’re still adding songs and are about to tweak the formatics a bit.  Thank you, our many loyal listeners around the world, for your continued support and your comments and suggestions…leave your comments here or email me, Harold Levine, Program Director, at hl@radiobop.com!

Up to 20,000 TLH in 2 Months!

by | 06-11-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide’s listenership continues to grow with another trend-setting week putting us at 20,000 Total Listening Hours for the last 30 days after being on the air for only 2 months…we thank you for listening and your comments and suggestions.  Email me, Harold Levine, Program Director, hl@radiobop.com … we just added more Hildegarde and Harry James with more hits by Benny Goodman and others coming up!

Radio Swing Worldwide Listenershi...

by | 05-11-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide is up to 12,000 Total Listening Hours (TLH) over the last 30 days which is phenomenol as we have been streaming for barely five weeks. Stay tuned as lots more songs will be added to the playlist over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions with me, Harold Levine, Program Director, at hl@radiobop.com.

New Music Just Added to Our Libra...

by | 04-30-2010


We are constantly enhancing our library and have just added more hits from Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra, Horace Heidt & His Orchestra, Bing Crosby and Perry Como.  Stay tuned as more additions are coming this weekend including the hard to find “You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap!” by Carl Hoff and The Murphy Sisters fresh off a 78…

Radio Swing Worldwide Listenershi...

by | 04-21-2010


THANK YOU for your incredible response to the new Radio Swing Worldwide.  Today, April 21, 2010, we made a quantum leap for a new internet station with 400 TLH (Total Listening Hours)…we must be doing something right!  Stay tuned as we add more great BigBand/Swing music as were just given today a treasure trove of albums from Jan Garber, Frankie Carle and many other artists of the era.  We’ll be digitizing and getting new songs into the library all weekend!

Radio Swing Worldwide is now on i...

by | 04-05-2010


Apple has approved Radio Swing Worldwide for inclusion in the iTunes radio directory under the Jazz genre!  We are listed effective April 6, 2010!  Thanks, Apple!


by | 04-02-2010


Radio Swing Worldwide is now ON THE AIR!  We’re in testing mode so you’ll be hearing mostly music with limited formatics but you can now listen to us from our LoudCity.com site: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-swing-worldwide/tune_in or you can find us listed at shoutcast.com under 30s, 40s, swing, big band … Tell us what you think…email your comments and suggestions to Harold Levine, Program Director, hl@radiobop.com