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Radio Swing Worldwide…Where the Hits of the 30s & 40s Live!

by | 05-27-2012


Radio Swing Worldwide is your home for the hits of the 30s & 40s with every hit song of the era we can get our hands on in the playlist!  We play the hits of the period as researched by music industry expert Joel Whitburn based on sheet music and record sales and juke box/radio airplay.  Unlike other swing/big band music stations, we play only the signature hits of artists rather than every song they covered of other artists.  Radio Swing Worldwide consistently ranks at the top of the 30s and 40s genres in Shoutcast!

Radio Swing Worldwide Wants to Say Thanks for Listening!

by | 03-19-2012


Radio Swing Worldwide just wants to say thanks for listening and making us the Number One 30s and 40s station on Shoutcast!  With listeners in over 100 countries, Radio Swing Worldwide is THE station to go to when it comes to the hits of the 30s and 40s and the swing/big band sounds you love!  Tell your friends about and give us a like on our Facebook page!

Radio Swing Worldwide Invites You to Enter Our First Contest!

by | 01-08-2012


Radio Swing Worldwide announces our first contest!  Win a copy of standards artist Laura Ainsworth’s new CD “Keep It To Yourself” (plus an autographed poster of Laura) from Radio Swing Worldwide!  Simply email your name and mailing address to Win@RadioSwingWorldwide.com!  Just enter once–you’ll automatically be entered to win in all our future contests in 2012. We’ll be giving away a CD and autographed poster per week starting January 15th for five weeks.  Be sure to check out Laura’s website at LauraAinsworth.com where you buy her CDs and listen to some of her great music!  And keep listening to Radio Swing . . . . . .

by | 01-08-2011

Radio Swing Worldwide Sets More Records!

by | 12-02-2010


In November, Radio Swing Worldwide had 1,113,425 tune-ins which is mind-boggling!  We are now ranked #1,151 out of 14,096 Shoutcast stations with 1,000 TLH or more.  Sister station Radio Bop is ranked #951.  Thank you for listening! Starting in 2011, Radio Swing Worldwide and Radio Bop will accept limited advertising.  Our special introductory rate is $60 for 8 spots a day for an entire month…if you have a business that is web-based or appeals to potential customers worldwide  (Coke or Pepsi, are you listening?), email Program Director, Harold Levine, hl@radiobop.com for more details!

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    03-08 on Contact Us

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    11-17 on

    Thanks for listening! We have tons of listeners in Russia!

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    11-17 on Contact Us

    Heiko, thanks for your comment and thanks for listening! The internet radio listeners of Germany are the most discriminating in the world!

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    08-12 on

    Mary & Bill B., thanks for listening to Radio Swing Worldwide and your comments. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions anytime.

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    06-23 on About

    Stay tuned, guys, as we soften the formatics a bit over the next few weeks…I promise…we’ll be adding some more hits of the era as well…

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    05-18 on About

    Dave, the response is running about 100 to 2 in favor of the sound; nevertheless, please remember we are experimenting with the concept of early Top 40 formatics with swing music, something I have been wanting to try for years and we’ll be continuously tweaking things. We will be adding a lot more spoken year intros plus we are working on a custom jingle package which will blow your sox off…stay tuned!!!